Frequently asked questions

Is it free to sign up to Swappay?

Yes, its free to sign up to Swappay.

Which items qualify for Swappay coins?

Only clothing items that can be worn again qualify for a coin, this is because the items received by Swappay will be donated to various charities and non-profit organisations for future use.

How much is a coin worth?

The value of a coin is determined by each participating retailer on their website. This will be applied as a discount at checkout.

The only rule that Swappay sets is that only one coin can be used on each item purchased to obtain the discount.

Where can I use my Swappay coins?

Our website has a full list of stores that accept Swappay coins.

How do I use my Swappay coins?

  1. Visit a participating retailer.
  2. Check what products are eligible for a Swappay coin discount. This would normally be indicated on the product details page with the discount amount offered.
  3. Proceed to checkout as normal.
  4. Sign into your Swappay account in the discount section of the checkout page.
  5. Apply all or individual Swappay coins to your cart. The available coin(s) will be applied as a discount for each eligile item in your cart.
  6. Place your order. The Swappay discount amount will be reflected on your order confirmation and in your Swappay account.

Will I have to pay to send items to Swappay?

Sending items to us is free, you will receive a prepaid shipping label when you complete your Swap Request.

Can I complete and send in multiple packages to Swappay at the same time?

Unfortunately, no, we are only able to process one package at a time. Once we receive your package and process your coins you are then able to send us another package.

How long will it take to receive my Swappay Coins?

Once we receive your package, we will normally process it in a couple of days. Coins are credited to your account as soon as we have checked that the items you have sent to us are eligible.

Which items do not qualify for Swappay coins?

Damaged, faulty, dirty clothing, undergarments (underwear, bras, etc.) or non-clothing items will not qualify for a coin. Any items that do not qualify will be disposed of in the most environmentally conscience way possible. If you accidentally send an item that doesn’t qualify for a coin, we will ask you to send in that extra item of acceptable clothing in your next package.

Do I have to send 5 items in each package?

Yes, we need you to send back 5 items per package, we do this to make sure that we are minimising the impact on the environment.

Will my coins expire?

No, your Swappay coins do not expire and you are free to use them whenever you like at any participating retailer.

Can I transfer coins to a friend?

Yes, you can transfer coins to anyone that has a Swappay account. You can transfer as many coins as you like at any time.

Is Swappay available outside of Australia?

Swappay is only available to Australians with a valid Australian mobile number at this stage. We are looking at expanding this offering to other countries.

Will my coin(s) be returned, if I return a purchase from a participating retailer?

Yes, if you decide to return your purchase to a participating retailer (subject to the retailers Returns Policy) the coin(s) you used will be reimbursed once the retailer has processed your return.

Why do we need to provide an address when completing a Swappay request?

This is required as part of your sender details for the shipping label. Should anything happen with the delivery, the shipping carrier will attempt to return it back to you.

What is the OTP SMS code for?

The OTP (One Time Password) is required to validate your mobile number. This will happen when you create a Swap request and when you transfer coin(s) to a friend.

Do you sell my items to charities?

No. Swappay donates all items that you have sent to charities and organisations where they are re-purposed for the benefit of others.

How do I re-instate the full functionality of my account?

If your account functionality has been limited, you will not be able to use the Swappay platform to send in your items. You will need to follow the steps below to reinstate the full functionality.
  1. Take note of your last Swap reference number & number of outstanding items. This can be found on your account summary page or email.
  2. Pack the items in a bag or box no larger than 38cm x 26cm.
  3. Clearly fill in the following detail on the package or box:
    Your name:
    Your address:
    Best contact phone number:
    Swappay reference number:
  4. Ship the items to:
    Swappay QC Team
    PO BOX 7035
  5. If you have been provided a tracking number, you can reply to the Swappay email related to the limitation of your account functionality with your tracking number.

Can I get the items back that I sent you?

Unfortunately, once we receive and complete the QC process, your items are allocated to the appropriate charity or re-purpose organisation where we no longer can identify which items are yours.